National Institute of Materials Physics
Multifunctional Materials and Structures Laboratory
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National Institute of Materials Physics Laboratory of Multifuntional Materials and Structures
Romania, Magurele, Atomistilor str. 405A, PO Box MG. 7, 077125


Head of Laboratory
Head of Group of Functional Nanostructures
CS. I Dr. Ionut Enculescu
Ph : +40213690185 Ext. 183
Fax : +40213690177
Website :

Head of Group of Perovskite Oxides
CS. I Dr. Aurelian Catalin Galca
Ph : +40213690185 Ext. 132
Fax : +40213690177
Website :






Most interesting news about what the people from the laboratory are doing will be posted soon in this section.
There is a list with researchers who will be presenting their newest work every Monday starting with 10:30.

Depending on the subject they have anyone can attend the presentations

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