National Institute of Materials Physics
Laboratory 10: Multifunctional Materials and Structures
Group of Functional Nanostructures
First Name:
Maria - Monica
Date of Birth:
10 August 1972
Senior Researcher I
Academic degree:
Doctor in Physics (2002)

1995 – Master of Science, Physics (Physics of Semiconductors) University of Bucharest
2001 – Doctor in Physics (Optical Spectroscopy) University of Bucharest

Professional background:

Since 1996 researcher in the National Institute of Materials Physics
DAAD Fellowship
Post doc GSI Darmstadt: 2003

Main results:

Research is focused on the field of fabricating nanowires and nanorods. The structural and optical properties of nanostructure assemblies are evaluated. Besides the metal and semiconductor nanostructures obtained by the template approach, insulating semiorganic nanorods are grown using crystallization from solution in polymer templates produced by ion irradiation. The research is directed towards the synthesis of micro- and nanorods of nonlinear optical materials doped with dyes. Latest researches are directed towards obtaining protein/metal nanostructures.
Leader of 6 national research projects related to the synthesis and characterization of nanostructures.


Excellency Prize awarded by Ministry of Education and Research -2007
(Excellency Research Projects for Young Researchers, Second Prize)
Romanian Academy “Dragomir Hurmuzescu” Award for Physics -2009

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