National Institute of Materials Physics
Multifunctional Materials and Structures Laboratory
Group of Functional Nanostructures
Fluorescence microscope Zeiss AxioMat 1
ghf Technical details:
- reflexion, transmission and fluorescence microscopy
- filter cubes for different UV and visible wavelength
Scanning Near Field Photoluminescence Microspectrometer JASCO NSF
fsd The near field microspectrometer allows the measurement of luminescence emission spectra in a near field modefor wavelengths ranging from 400 to 900 nm. It's spatial resolution is based on the dimension of the optics fiber tip, and can be as low as 30 nm. A liquid helium cryostat allows measurements down to 10K.
Zeiss Evo 50 XVP Scanning electron microscope
sem-edx Technical details:
- LaB6 cathode enabling a 2 nm resolution
- dual mode operation in high and low vacuum
- EDX accessory, down to Bohr, 133 eV resolution
-Cathodoluminescence accessory 200 – 1300 nm
JASCO J-815 Circular Dichroism Spectrometer between 163-900 nm


  • Optical absorption
  • Circular dichroism
  • CD/Fluorescence in 90o configuration between 163-900 nm
  • Magnetic circular dichroism in statitc field at 1.5 T
  • Peltier cooling for liquid samples
  • Measurements of liquid and solid samples.
  • Cryostat for low temperature measurements (up to 77 K)


Some important applications: purity testing of pharmaceutical substances; on-line monitoring of stereoselective processes; HPLC-CD coupling; monitoring of conformational transitions provoked by changes in temperature, pH, chemical reactions; kinetics of enzyme and organic reactions; DNA/RNA interactions; protein folding and conformational studies; etc. With optional ORD accessory: analysis of chiral samples without chromophores; with optional FDCD accessory: selective detection of CD from fluorescent chromophores; with special accessories: circular polarized luminescence and magnetic CD studies. The J-815 standard unit can be exploited also as a single beam far UV spectrophotometer.

ASAP 2020 Surface Area and Porosimetry Analyzer
ap The Analyzer performs the characterization of micro and nanoporous materials with high resolution and accuracy. It can be used for analyizing a wide variety of adsorptives including the evaluation of hydrogen, methane or carbon dioxide storage capacity of materials.
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