National Institute of Materials Physics
Multifunctional Materials and Structures Laboratory
Group of Functional Nanostructures
 Research themes
Functional nanostructures

- preparation of metallic and semiconductor nanowires

- electrochemical deposition of metals and semiconductors

- protein/metal nanostructures

Iron oxides

  • Synthesis of iron oxides nanoparticles with controlled morphology and size distribution, functionalized nanoparticles , properties.   
  • Synthesis and characterisation of maghemite ionics ferofluids.
  • Surface modification of iron oxide nanoparticles
  • Iron oxide nanoparticles (magnetite, maghemite) coated with bio-polymers.

Bioceramics and Bioglass

  • Synthesis of bio-ceramics doped with rare earth by sol-gel and co-precipitation 
  • Microporos ceramics, biological response and functionalisation
  • Ultrasonic characterization of hydroxyapatite ceramic powders
  • Synthesis of bioglass by sol-gel method
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