National Institute of Materials Physics
Multifunctional Materials and Structures Laboratory
Group of Complex Heterostructures and Perovskite Oxides
 Research themes


  1. Materials growth: I) semiconductor compounds (e.g. PbS, CdS) for IR and VIS applications by chemical bath deposition (CBD); II) ferroelectric thin films with perovskite structure (e.g. PZT, BST, BaTiO3, BiFeO3) and multi-layered structures using sol-gel (SG) and Pulse –Laser Deposition (PLD) methods; III) complex oxide structures, with focus on artificial multiferroics.
  1. Material properties: studies of application-relevant material properties to provide the necessary feedback for the development of materials and growth technology: i) Electrical and photoelectrical characterization of the grown materials, thin films and structures; ii) Detection and detailed investigation of electrically active defects (bulk and interface centers); iii) Detailed study of interfaces and their effect on the charge transport properties in a number of well defined structures in order to understand the formation of the metal-ferroic interface in the case of ferroelectrics, single phase multiferroic and low conductivity ferrites. iv) Development of novel architectures of artificial multiferroics for ferroelectric field effect control of spin transport in FET like structures.

  2. Sensors development: UV, IR, Vis detectors.

  3. Oxidic ceramic materials and applications with special references to the semiconducting ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics, magnetic materials and ceramic-polymer composites. These researches are carried out at national and international level towards the benefit of public and private commercial societies as well as the scientific community and education. Our mission is to promote the development and increasing the living standard of our society without damaging the environment.

  4. Materials and devices for microwaves, millimeter waves and THz applications

  5. Microwave ferroelectrics (Ba1-xSrxTiO3)

  6. Complex perovskites BaX1/3Ta2/3O3 (X=Zn or Mg)

  7. Wide-band time domain THz spectrometry

  8. Microwave metamaterials
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