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Program seminarii laboratorul 10 (2013)
Materiale si structuri multifunctionale




11 martie

Florica Camelia

Progres doctorat

18 martie

Ciubotaru Iulia Corina

Progres doctorat

25 martie

Roxana Radu

Progres doctorat

15 aprilie

Ciubotaru Constantin

Progres doctorat

22 aprilie


Organizat de Mihaela Baibarac

29 aprilie

Simona Iconaru

Progres doctorat

13 mai

Andreaa Costas

Progres doctorat

20 mai

Cristina Besleaga Stan

Progres doctorat

27 mai

Andra Georgia Boni

Progres doctorat

3 iunie

Mihaela Botea

Progres doctorat

10 iunie

Irina Ghita

Progres doctorat (?) (posibila vizita Manuel Bibes)

17 iunie


Organizat de Ionut Enculescu

24 iunie

Lucian Filip

Modelari teoretice-noutati

1 iulie

Luminita Hrib

Perovskite dubli

Program seminarii laboratorul 10 (2012)
Materiale si structuri multifunctionale




23 aprilie

Ioana Pintilie

Surface and bulk radiation induced defects in Si-based sensors

30 aprilie

Luminita Amarande

Method for determining the complex piezoelectric constant

7 mai

Robert Lowndes

Raman Spectroscopy of Microwave Dielectric Ceramics

14 mai

Simona Iconaru

Biocompatibility of iron oxide - dextran structures

21 mai


Solar energy conversion
(21-23 mai)

28 mai

Daniela Predoi

Antibacterial activity of silver doped hydroxyapatite nanopowders

4 iunie

Aurelian Galca

The influence of crystallites oriuentation on the optical properties of polycrystalline thin films

11 iunie

Andrei Filimon

Surface properties of an L-cysteine self-assembled monolayer on gold as a function of pH

18 iunie

Trinca   Liliana

The dependence on composition of optical properties in amorphous like indium gallium zinc oxide thin films

25 iunie

Silviu Polosan

Crystallization of pure and Eu doped BGO glasses

2 iulie

Luminita Hrib

Magnetoelectric materials

3 septembrie

Georgia Ibanescu

Bulk Radiation Damage in Silicon: from Point Defects to Clusters

10 septembrie

Camelia Florica

Lithographic techniques employed for the measurement of transport properties of nanostructures

17 septembrie

Corina Radu

Synthesis of organometallic compounds for OLED applications

24 septembrie

Cristina Busuioc

Microwave ceramics

1 octombrie

Monica Enculescu

Light emission properties of dye doped polymer thin films

8 octombrie

Alin Iuga

Detecting and evaluating the imprint in a ferroelectric material

15 octombrie

Corneliu Miclea

Vortex dynamics in noncentrosymmetric

22 octombrie

Elena Matei

Tuning Zinc Oxide properties by electrodeposition conditions

29 octombrie

Marius Cioangher

Piezoceramic materials for power ultrasound transducers

5 noiembrie

Cristina Dragoi

The role of interface quality on metal-ferroelectric-semiconductor capacitors based on all oxide heterostructures

12 noiembrie

Lucian Trupina

Growth of highly oriented iridium oxide bottom electrode for Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 thin films using titanium oxide seed layer

19 noiembrie

Nedelcu Liviu

Broad Band Dielectric Properties of low los microwave materials

26 noiembrie

Gabriel Banciu

THz Spectroscopy Applications

3 decembrie

Nicoleta Preda

Zinc Oxide electroless deposition

10 decembrie

Ionut Enculescu

Highlights in the activity of Multifunctional Materials and Structures Laboratory 2012

Program seminarii laboratorul 10 (2011)
Materiale si structuri multifunctionale

5 of December 2011 - Lucian Trupina has presented his work regarding:

"The study of PZT thin layers for CMOS technology"


31 of October 2011 - Marius Cioangher has presented his work regarding:

"The study of some piezoelectric materials, PZT type, doped with W, for special applications"


24 of October 2011 - Simona Liliana ICONARU has presented her work regarding:

"Characterization of Sucrose Thin Films for Biomedical Applications"


Monday, 17 of October 2011, 10:30, Dr. Monica ENCULESCU has presented her work regarding:



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